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Website development in Eastern Europe

We create web-platforms for effective interaction between leading companies and their clients. Our main goal is to make the website not only aesthetically pleasing. But also easy to use and convenient for both business owners and customers. And, of course, recognizable since the website is the face of a company on the Internet. Web & Print Design Company “Great People” will create for you a quality website to attract new customers. We will promote it on the European market and abroad, and also provide your business with intensive development and prosperity!


What we can do:

  • develop a selling “turnkey” high-level website (Landing page, online store, business card website, promo-pages, catalog, personal website, etc.);
  • redesign the existing site, retaining the basic concept, but adding changes according to your wishes and taste preferences;
  • register your domain and its hosting;
  • accompany you within a year after the launch of the website, making changes or adding the information you need to the site.


How can you have the website done asap?

Specification of requirements. The first thing you need to do is let us know what are the objectives and the concept of your website, as well as its technical specifications. Then we will send you the draft of the Specification of requirements by mail. Or create it during the meeting for a discussion of further joint work. You can send a request for creating a standard Specification of requirements to: … After this we create a plan for the future website taking into account your wishes, set deadlines and specify all the necessary details.

Prepayment. Nothing makes the relationship between the customer and the executor better than a prepayment. When you make an advance payment of 30-50% of the cost of the project, we start working on your website at once.

Website creation. Our team creates the interface of the future website and develops the design of page layouts. Then we test the functionality and make changes according to the customer’s comments.

Website readiness. After receiving a full payment the website is transferred to the registered domain. Then we conduct a “usability” testing. And if the client is satisfied with the work of the new website, the project is considered to be completed. After that we provide access passwords and other necessary information to the owner.


Attention! Web & Print Design Company “Great People” works according to the principles of ethical business. That’s why we do not fundamentally create adult-themed websites, as well as web pages related to any kind of cheating and fraud.

We do our work according to the name of our web studio, so the only possible result of our work is positive!


What we offer:

  • Affordable, competitive prices.
  • Analysis and planning before the beginning of our cooperation: do you need a website for your business at all, what type of web page is best for you, etc.
  • Use of “organic” methods of website promotion.
  • Unique design of your website, we have an individual approach to each client.
  • Timely fulfillment of the tasks.
  • Positive mood and fruitful cooperation 🙂


Why WE are special: supporters of aesthetics, people with creative vision, fond of “eco” style in design and business, respect each other. All these allows us to conquer new horizons and enjoy cooperation with you.


Because what you give is yours forever.

Regardless of the volume and complexity of the work, we approach the tasks diligently and responsibly. The main joy for our team is to create something new, unusual for you. Great if you wish…

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