Billboards: the cost of a layout development of an outdoor advertising

One of the most popular types of an outdoor advertising nowadays is a billboard. In English it means a “message board”. The billboards are installed along the road on special supports. They can also be placed on buildings. The standard size is 6 meters long and 3 meters in height.

At the moment this is the fastest and easiest way to put an outdoor advertising in the right place for you. For your convenience, our company will send you a commercial offer for the development of a design layout for future outdoor advertising by email as soon as possible.

To develop a board means to create a quality advertising offer in conditions of a short contact with the consumer. That is to make a potential client interested in a few seconds and direct him to the action you want, whether it’s a call or a visit.

For the best perception of information, the text should be readable. That means that it is better not to use hard-to-read and too thin fonts. Also, the correct location of information is important – it must be in blocks and clearly structured.

Also you should carefully choose colors, especially if it concerns red and yellow. In the process of developing layouts we try to use your corporate colors, so the people will remember them. And they will not be too aggressive against the backdrop of your company’s calm policy.

We know that a huge audience, which mainly consists of the drivers on the roads, attracts an outdoor advertising. The board is able to focus the attention of people on exactly your product or service at the right time.

Ordering a big board at our studio, you will get a quality product at the right time. The price of the board varies depending on how creative you want to be. However, we are always happy to assist you in consulting and creating a high-quality design for each advertisement.

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