Development of the booklet design: creation of the layout and the text of the advertising booklet at a reasonable price

A booklet is a kind of a multicolored advertising brochure. We print it on one sheet on both sides and fold in any way in two or more bends. The booklet refers to an image advertising and is printed on a quality paper using the textual information, as well as photographs and drawings. The development of the booklet design is a creative task and requires a professional approach by the performer. Such an attitude will lead to acquisition of future customers.

When drawing up booklets, we take into account their types and purposes.

  • We get a one-fold booklet by folding the printed sheet in half.
  • A two-fold booklet – if we divide the sheet into three parts. First, we fold the right side inwards, then the left side and then “cover” the folded booklet with this part.
  • We get a tent-card booklet if we divide the printed sheet into two parts. And add the left and right parts inside along the fold lines.
  • A trifold booklet is created if we divide the sheet into a certain number of parts and successively fold it, bending each subsequent fold in the direction opposite to the previous fold;
  • We get a classic booklet if we put the printed sheet first in half, and then, turning the sheet 90 degrees, once again in half.

Our company offers services in developing a booklet design, and writing quality text for a booklet.

The text for the booklet should be useful, popular and interestingly written. The main task of each booklet text is to catch the target audience exactly the first time.

The cost of the booklet design and the writing of effective texts varies from the quantity and quality of the information you submit, including photographs and drawings, as well as the type of a booklet.

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