Brand book development

Brand book development for the company: order the development of the brand book

What is a brand book? This is a peculiar set of rules that regulate the color range, style and other elements of the company’s corporate identity. The development of a brand book for business implies the creation of a unique logo, brand name and corporate style concept. Also it contains a lot of different information about the history of the company, its philosophy, corporate values, mission and so on. Thus, it is the key to maintaining the integrity of the brand, a single design concept for printing, website and office.

The brand book serves as an effective aid in promoting the services and products of the company and its popularization in the market. A brand book will increase the recognition of goods and services of the brand. It will serve as a vector of correct marketing development. Also it helps you to structure and systematize all information about the company and present it in the most profitable and understandable form. In addition, all graphic elements of the corporate style are subject to a single logic that means they look natural and harmonious.

Our web studio provides the services of a brand book creation, the development of the corporate style and logo design of the company. In addition to the professional approach and short deadlines, we have another undeniable advantage – the price. Developing and creating a brand book with us turns into a quick and easy process, which guarantees to bring an excellent result.

Drawing with a graphic tablet

In addition, we provide drawing services on a graphic tablet. With its help we create hand-written pictures and easily transfer them into a digital form. We constantly study the latest technologies and keep up with the times. And this is in order to provide you with prompt and high-quality services. In particular, this device is great for creating design layouts and design itself. But it can be used simply as an input device. Experts of our web studio perfectly master both Photoshop and can easily draw with a graphic tablet. We obtain drawings from those that we create in the usual way with the help of a pencil and paper.

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