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Create a business card: order the production (development) of business cards at any price

A business card is the face of every entrepreneur. The brief information specified in it is capable of drawing the attention of the right people to your case, personality or recommend a business partner at the right time. Our company offers you to create a business card. It would become an indispensable assistant in your business development.

There are several types of business cards we can offer:

  • personal business cards: they contain personal data (first name, last name and patronymic name), a phone number and an email. The company name and job position in the company are often not indicated.
  • corporate business cards: represent the company and its services. It’s perfect for attracting customers, as a corporate business card is an effective advertising tool. Usually you don’t need to specify any personal information on it.
  • classic business cards: contain information about the owner, the company and the services it provides. It has a corporate style of the company and necessarily contains its logo.


The main rule of creating a business card is not to overload it with information. Also in such a way it looks more professional and stylish.

A business card is a strategic weapon that affects the development of a business long after you handed it over to someone. And this is a timely response to what you are doing, lying in your pocket.

The main quality of a well-designed business card is the ability to stand out from many others and cause the necessary reaction from partners. In addition, the use of high-quality material will help your card last longer to maintain its presentable appearance and help in your business.

We calculate the price of the business card individually, depending on the wishes and requirements of the client for the design and quality of the paper.

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