Order flyers: the price for design and printing of advertising flyers

One of the most vivid and effective means of attracting the attention of the audience to a product or service is the flyer. What is it? This is a compact size glossy leaflet containing a maximum of useful information. With its help you can get information about the product or services, about an instant discount or receive a gift. Considering the fact that the flyer is another assistant in creating the image of the company, you can safely call it the second business card of the company.

There are two types of flyers: one-sided and two-sided.

By purpose you can divide them into: advertising flyers, invitations and discounts.

Therefore, if you want to have a reliable assistant by your side in increasing sales and attracting more new customers, entrust the design of flyers to our professionals. Thus, you will receive leaflets of exclusive size and format, quality printed, and most importantly, all these in the shortest time. Urgent printing of flyers helps, even when it seems that the effect of advertising has not given the desired result. After all, this is a bright and juicy “first aid” in any situation.

It is preferably to order flyers a few days before the event, in order to have time to distribute them in the desired location. We calculate the cost of flyers depending on how many printing and post-printing processes (lamination, folding, figured cutting, embossing, etc.) there are.

The most important thing in designing a flyer is paying attention to simple rules:

  • Less text – you should summarize all the information provided briefly and essentially. The reading time must be not more than 60 seconds.
  • Accurate adherence to the topic. All information is devoted only to one advertising offer, which means there should not be too much “water”.
  • Instant attention. A competent combination of a readable font and juicy colors is the key to success.
  • And most importantly, do not overdo. The flyer should not be intrusive and annoying. Bind the sack before it be full!

Our best specialists will help you with these and many other tasks. And the price of the flyer is always affordable.

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