Signboards, tabloids

Signboards, tabloids: production at favorable prices

Original, beautiful, durable, and most importantly attracting customers signboards and tabloids in record time are realistic. And we are happy to produce signboards for you at the most affordable prices.

Each signboard looks like a figured box (one or several), fixed on a metal frame and equipped with a bright LED backlight.

The shape of the signboard is rectangular and figured (the so-called volumetric letters).

By the type of the illumination we divide the signboards into:

  1. Lightbox, with a luminous box inside.
  2. Backlit illumination in the form of a glowing halo around the elements of a signboard.
  3. With open lights on the front.
  4. Illuminated by searchlights from the outside.

In order to develop a signboard, you must also take into account the material from which it will be made. For example:

  • made of acrylic and PVC
  • made of aluminum composite panel
  • with the front side made of polycarbonate
  • with the front side made of the banner


As for the tabloid, it can be any shape and any size, indoor or outdoor, with or without the illumination. Tabloids with the light-accumulating and reflective film are the most popular among drivers.

We can produce for you information or address signboards, as well as the location signs for the office.

Plastic tabloids are often the first thing you see when you enter the territory of an enterprise and are the main element of navigation. Therefore you can place them both inside and outside the office.

Also we can create a tabloid in your corporate style or in bright and original, sometimes even with humor. Everything depends on the wishes of the client. Prices for tabloids depend on the same.

It is important to remember that the tabloid is a kind of business card of your company, office or store. So you should make the right impression on your customers. With our help you will get a quality long-lasting product in the shortest possible time.

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