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Creation of websites in Eastern Europe – website development on a turn-key basis

If you came to this page, you are probably the owner of a private company or business. And you are definitely thinking about creating a website for your company. You should know that nowadays website development is one of the most powerful tools in expanding the client base. And, as a result, the rapid development of the business. We are ready to help you with it!

Creating websites for us is not just a job. We carefully analyze each individual project and build such web-platforms where the interests of the company and its consumers intersect. And the result of it is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, our main task in the production of websites is to make the final product simple, beautiful and convenient for the customer and for its potential audience. The main purpose of creating our web studio “Sparkling People” was the development and creation of websites at an affordable price, of a high quality and in the shortest possible time with their subsequent promotion in the search engines.

Our services:
• website development of any complexity on a “turn-key” basis: online store, business card website, promo-pages, catalogs;
• redesign of your existing site, retaining key points and adding modern tools;
• registering of your domain and its hosting;
• our support during the year after the website is finished, adding or editing the necessary information on the website.

Order a website at an affordable price – creating websites of any complexity

How can you have the website done asap? Web development is a multi-stage process that involves several basic steps:

Specification of requirements. The first thing you need to familiarize us with is the goal and the concept of the website, what its technical parameters should be. Then we will send you the draft of the Specification of requirements by email. Or create it during the discussion of our further joint work. You can arrange a request for creating a standard Specification of requirements by a contact number. After this we create a plan for the future website taking into account your wishes, deadlines and all the necessary details.

Prepayment. Nothing makes the relationship between the customer and the executor better than a prepayment. Of course, the first question that disturbs the customer when choosing an expert to create (develop) a website is the price. We pay attention to each order, and individually form the cost for the website development in each case. To start the development of the website, its promotion or redesign, you must make an advance payment of 30-50% of the project cost.

Website creation. Our team develops the structure of a website, creates its design, elements of its functionality, adjusting their work with customer requests.

Website readiness. After the final payment and completion of all work on the creation and development of the website, we transfer it to the registered domain. Then we check it in a test mode. And if the client is satisfied with the work of the new site, the project is considered to be completely finished. We give the passwords for the admin area, domain and hosting, and other necessary materials to the owner.

Attention! We work on the principles of ethical business, so the web studio “Sparkling People” basically does not take up the development of adult-websites, as well as those related to cheating and fraud.
Web studio “Sparkling People” does its work according to the name. We are interested in the customer being satisfied with our cooperation.

What we offer:
• Adequate prices for creating websites.
• Professional advice before the beginning of the cooperation: what type of Internet page would be the best for this type of business, working out the necessary functionality, etc.
• Use of only legal, “white” methods of a website promotion.
• Unique design of your website, we do not copy other people’s sites.
• Good mood and synergy of cooperation:)

The main criteria that distinguish us among competitors: aesthetics, delicate taste in design, affordable cost of a website development and an eco-friendly approach to the business. Ethical relationship with each other allows us to develop ourselves and gives us the opportunity to enjoy our cooperation.
Because what you give is yours forever.

In any case, we are open for the cooperation. We are always happy to create something new, unusual. Sparkling, if you want.

Design is our everything. He is around us. The website development is in the priorities, as we are moving now to the Internet. Therefore, our web-studio is trying to keep pace with the time, developing logos, brand books, printing. Outdoor advertising is also one of our services.

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