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News portal: the price of the social media news website in Eastern Europe

Nowadays a social media news portal on the Internet is the main source of fresh information for a huge number of users around the world. The development of this type of Internet sites allows you to reach an incredibly large audience. Quite often owners of such websites are huge companies that want to share unique information and other interesting news. A news website is a tool for forming the audience of the most interested users, and also a constant source of high traffic. That is why we can call it not only an element of prestige, but also a way to get a certain profit. Where does the profit come from? Any large media website on the Internet makes it possible to sell advertising space at a considerable price, as well as provide a set of additional paid services to users. Thus, this resource contains a large amount of useful information. It increases the income from paid advertising and the purchase of goods or services by users, as well as the placement of paid services.

The design of a social media news website depends on the future theme of the resource, the customer’s own preferences and the corporate style of his company. The website’s functionality can include a lot of sections and subsections: news of the city/region/country, distributed by headings; interesting and useful articles of various subjects; a complete list (reference book) of various companies and private companies in the region; the poster of the nearest events; cooking recipes; sections with contests and votes; site search; opportunity to comment on the article, and also to share interesting news or information in social networks; a live forum for communication between users (possibly on topics); rotators of banners, or, more simply, separate places on the page of the site where periodic banner ads are replaced.

The price of a social media news site in our web studio is formed depending on the expected functionality, design and other important factors. We clearly specify the price for each individual case at the very beginning of the work.

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