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Create an online store: a selling design for high efficiency

создать интернет-магазин To create an online store for any entrepreneur engaged in the sales of goods today is far from luxury, but a practical necessity. Because online shopping has become so familiar to us, many users prefer to abandon shopping in general stores. And buy goods predominantly in the worldwide network. According to the statistics, only in the last year the Internet-trade market in Ukraine has grown by 65%. Hence design development of the Internet store is a rather promising direction of a business development.

In the process of developing such a large-scale and multifunctional website, one of the most important points you’d better pay attention is the layout design. It is very important here not just to draw a beautiful page, you need to think over its usability. The website design of an online store should be simple, convenient, functional, and, of course, selling. In the process of developing the resource, we rely on the psychology of the future buyers. In addition, we try to take into account all their expectations. And to predict possible behaviors on the site in order to create the most convenient and stimulating shopping platform.

Development of an online store: order a turnkey website at a low price

Also for the future website we select an “engine”, or a content management system (CMS). It doesn’t only ensure the uninterrupted operation of the resource in conditions of high traffic and loads. But it also helps the owner to easily and quickly make changes to the content of the website. This is a very important point because the multifunctionality of the online store, which has many useful modules and opportunities for the visitor (order form, basket, extended product catalog, online payment using a card or a payment system, a filter for sorting goods by characteristics and etc.), should not interfere with the speed of loading pages and the efficiency of the website as a whole.

Of course, one of the main questions that the customer asks before making a decision is the price. The design, the future architecture of the site, the choice of the content management system, the buying of a domain and its hosting – all these affects the final cost of the product.

In our web-studio we understand the possibilities and wishes of our customers. And try to offer our services at an adequate and affordable price. You can order an online store on the turn-key basis by contacting us by phone. After that we will prepare an individual offer for you and in the shortest possible send it to you by email. Having agreed the price, we will proceed to the formation of a detailed specification of the requirements. And, of course, agree a future structure of the website that will satisfy all usability features, have an easy and convenient navigation and help you to increase sales of your goods.

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