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Our web studio creates websites of any complexity. And if you need to develop a fully functional online library on any desired topic, we are ready to offer you a so-called Portal. In the process of work we pursue the main goal, which is to present a ready solution that will allow to solve all the tasks. This type of Internet resource is, in fact, the center of the intersection of a variety of information sources from other sites. And it is very important to work out its structure. Because the further uninterrupted operation of the finished website depends on it. Also, in order to develop a portal, it is necessary to take into account such factor as the speed of loading pages. It should be very high, regardless of the number of users that are currently on the website and the number of pages being loaded at the moment.

As a ready-to-buy portal is almost impossible to buy, it is necessary to develop it from the scratch. This kind of websites is a wide-profile Internet resource with a huge number of users visiting the site every day. It has a lot of various functions. Therefore, the creation of such a resource is a difficult task. And it is not possible to immediately determine what the exact price of a portal site will be. The cost of the portal is specified on an individual basis.

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