Website layout and programming

Website layout: order a design of the layout

Website layout is the next step after drawing a design layout. A lot depends on a quality – both the conformity of the ready website to the layout and its correct functioning in the future. In fact, the layout means transferring it from PSD format (Photoshop) to HTML/CSS format, recognized by all modern browsers and mobile devices. In the process of work our frontend-experts use advanced technologies, such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. At this stage we work out future effects on the website. And then we adapt the website to various devices – mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Thus, the layout comes to life, you can see it in the browser, but it’s still far from the finished product. It is possible to store the layout in an archive file. Then you need to fill the website with information and update it periodically. And without the next stage – programming, it’s almost impossible for a simple user to do this. If you have a ready-made design layout of the site, and you need a professional layout, we can do it. The cost of works in our web studio will depend on the complexity of the layout and we would specify it individually.

Website programming: install the engine

The next thing that includes the creation of sites is php-programming. This is a process that actually makes your website a website. During this process we create all the necessary functions. And then they allow you as the owner to change and add all the information to the website. At this stage you need to select and install the site engine – the content management system (CMS). It will allow the website to work correctly and smoothly. Specialists of our web studio will be happy to advise you on the selection of a simple and high-quality CMS, suitable specifically for your future resource. We pay maximum attention to the HTML website programming when developing any type of Internet sites. And we guarantee the quality and proper operation of your resource in the future.

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