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Landing page: order the design development of the selling landing page

One of the most popular types of websites that we can see on the Internet is the landing page. The development of such a one-page website opens wide prospects for expanding the sales market. And helps to maximize profits. In particular, it is great for promoting one particular service or product with a brief and clear description of them. As a rule, on such a website there is no complicated navigation, large text descriptions, unnecessary menu items, annoying flashing banners and so on. The development of a landing page will help, according to statistics, to increase the sales of one product by 20-30% compared to online stores or ordinary websites.

The emphasis while creating a landing page design should be on catchy graphics, as well as the thoroughly considered structure of the selling page. It should attract the attention of the potential buyer. And, of course, to stimulate him to make the desired action – to buy a product or to order a service. As a rule, the site turns out to be rather long, divided into separate blocks, in which information and graphic materials are correctly submitted. A landing page (a ready-made template or a unique “turnkey” website”) is relevant for a wide range of private entrepreneurs. These are wholesale companies, firms offering various types of services, representatives of information businesses, manufacturers of goods; those who offer one unique or a very expensive product (for example, Iphone 7). And, in principle, to all those who want to promote their business on the Internet.

Order a landing page: buy at an affordable price

If you decide to order a landing page in our web studio, you will get not just a website. We will create for you a quality, modern and selling landing page, which from the very moment of its launch will work for you. We carefully study the expectations and needs of the future target audience of the site. And form a thoughtful and clear structure of the page that will allow the ready Internet resource to be the most effective and selling. We specify the cost of the landing page individually, it depends on the complexity of the project. Finally, you can discuss the price for the order of the selling landing page and other details by phone. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on all the issues of interest.

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